Tips for Prescription Savings

The  high price of a single prescription medication may have resulted in the death of a young Michigan mother recently.  News reports stated that the mother of two small children was living on a limited single parent  income and  failed to renew a life saving prescription because it was too expensive.  That  apparently has cost her her life.
This real crisis in medical care continues to worsen. Patients who are living on the financial edge  are doing without life sustaining medicines for financial reasons. The extreme costs associated with some prescription medicines is being cited by health care professionals as a primary cause for worsening health statistics in the USA. Patients increasingly say they neglect to take much needed medicines because of the  cost. As a result, these patients are showing up in emergency rooms again and again and many are simply shortening their life. This “repeat traffic” is increasing the  burden already being placed on hospital emergency rooms, which also means longer waits for medical attention and much higher costs for all of us. Some, like the Michigan mother, are  being forced into an early grave by their Rx expenses. RX drug costs for some senior citizens,even those with Medicare Part D, exceeds the amount of their monthly Social Security check.
Unfortunately there is no end in sight for the problem of rising Rx drug costs. Meanwhile, here are a few  Rx drug tips which may mitigate your costs and save your life.  Try these 9 suggestions for reducing your prescription costs; together they can save you a lot of money and possibly your life :

1) Get a free prescription savings card – Print one of our Rx Drug cards at and present it to your pharmacist with your next prescription. Our card will save you money on most medicines, especially generics, but also on most brand named drugs as well. Ask your druggist to keep your Rx drug card on file for your future prescription savings.
2) Ask your doctor or druggist to substitute a generic for the brand name medicine. By federal law,  generic medicines must contain  the same active ingredients in the same amounts as the brand name does – you just pay more noney for the brand name.
3) Ask your doctor for a higher dosage pill that can be split with an inexpensive pill splitter, which can be purchased at every pharmacy. Often the higher dosage pills that are splittable cost far less per dosage.

4.) Ask your Doctor for a 90 day  prescription if you will be taking the Rx on a continuing basis – then order 90 days worth through a discount mail order pharmacy (see #6 below). Prices are often much cheaper than 30 day prescriptions.
5) Ask your doctor for prescription drug samples. Manufacturers often give them promotional samples in bulk.
6) Use mail order pharmacies. * Caution – verify that the distributor is a  licensed pharmacy. Foreign based websites or websites that solicit your business through e-mails are often a red flag. These sites are sometimes not regulated and the medicines they sell may not be either. Just ask them for their pharmacy license number and verify it.
7) Medications should be stored properly and take them as directed to maximize their effectiveness.
8) Be sure you both your doctor and druggist that the cost of your medications is a real concern to you. They may help you find a lower- cost generic or lower-cost alternative medicine. If they know that cost is a factor in your decision  they will be willing to help you to insure you take your Rx as directed. Presenting one of our drug savings cards will let your druggist know  that you are shopping prices.
9) Take all prescribed medicines regardless of the cost. The result of failure to take them could cost you more, even your life.


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